• _poetandididntknowit_ 6w

    Do we really know

    Being alone can enhance the zone, if you listen and don't speak you can hear the tone.
    You here it mumble, your hear it grumble, you hear it moan and you hear it groan.
    If you took the time to listen you would feel less alone, instead you sit there watching Silvester Stalone or listening to post Malone.
    You'll take out a loan to finance a phone, that means it's a liability not an asset, something you don't really own.
    Postpone global warming, the ozone is intone, the ice age happened it's historically known, you must take time to think, be on your own, control your mind so you are not overthrown.
    We're not taught about the unknown, just shown and thrown what is wanted to be known by whoever beholds the ancient throne.
    Everything you learn is a stepping stone; into the great unknown, don't you let you mind become overthrown with lies deep within the undertone.
    Humanity has grown attached to the cellular telephone, but still don't dive into the history of the great unknown.
    Our history is important, we don't all need to be shown, for other it's not so simple as it's not set in stone.
    Those of us who know, don't let your efforts go unshown; the secrets of our universe will one day be well-known.