• kingpellz 5w

    She wants an Eternal Flow

    Can I tell you what I think my biggest flaw is
    I try to be consistent but I can't
    Now my brain and my heart are on a diss
    All because they failed to keep the flow

    It's not my fault my heart doesn't always flow
    Even the deepest of wells dry up sometimes
    Even the rivers in summer stop to flow
    It doesn't make them less of what they are

    I try so hard to keep the flow
    But at times I try too hard
    And fall out of keeping the flow
    I'm lost in the clouds of expectations

    ¤The snow will come and go [the Winter]
    Then the flow will come [the Spring]
    The sun will suck the flow [the summer]
    The next is the emptiness [the autumn]
    This is a cycle of life¤

    So let's just hope for the snow
    That will one day start to flow