• ruchi_m 5w


    The moon knows all my secrets,
    When no one was there,
    I used to talk to him,
    He was my mate then,
    I used to murmer in his ears.
    He looked at me wearing,
    A shawl of shyness,
    I couldn't know,
    Why he did so,
    But it seemed me so romantic.
    I told him about my past,
    Discussed about the present,
    And thought over the future,
    And the story was vast.
    He listened me patiently,
    And answered so warmly,
    He was adorable indeed,
    His face was glittering.
    He touched my face,
    With his white palm,
    It was cold,
    But the feeling was warm.
    I felt like a true friend is here,
    Our eyes was seeing each-other,
    He came to touch my head,
    And there were the falling stars.
    The universe got jealous,
    For this loving treatment of mine,
    Forgetting all my pains,
    I felt there fine.
    Thus, story ends here,
    Keeping secrets between the two,
    I know what is the truth,
    And he knows I love the colour blue.