• tezpallabdas 4w


    The dripping rainwater
    Descending down to earth ,
    Reminds me of the happiness
    Slipping from my hands and down.
    It is much more melancholy
    A time , than it had been before,
    The only lonely being here
    So I'm solely on my own.

    Sun's valour should be tested,
    For it's been a while since it shone,
    I think the clouds blocking it's path
    Might win the bout this day .
    The greenery is greener for the sun
    But duskier for its counterpart ,
    And even a complexion darker
    For me who is losing sight of any light .

    Never did I contemplate
    About the imperfections of mine,
    As I did for the day over by the rain
    I apologise to all I've disappointed.
    I wanted to become em-pathetic
    To understand what the world works like,
    But I got trapped in a hypothetical one
    Which leads me to say , "I'm pathetic".

    I saw success basking in one's glory
    But the story behind I never believed ,
    Was the sole truth about the play
    And I learnt it the hard or say the better way .
    In fragments I was relying upon
    The positives and negatives,
    Never wholly I've been at one place
    Impatience caused me the disgrace.

    I'll try but to join this fragments
    To make myself out of them,
    While I've laid the foundation
    To destructing the destiny's fate.
    Insecurities I'll abandon , in the shower
    Of the holy waters arriving today
    I'm excited to see the rain pour,
    For today's the day it'll liberate my true self.

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