• ishola_writes 5w

    Lost In You

    This has never happened
    That I can guarantee
    You hijack my thoughts root and stem
    And fill me with a myriad of feelings
    In your maze, I’m lost
    But in your warmth I’m not
    With you in my mind
    I can write pages and more lines
    But I’m also stumped
    It’s like a curse
    All the words in the world
    And I can’t still talk
    I can’t talk about how I feel
    Quite adequately
    Not all the words in the
    World, can cover how I feel
    When we talk, the thrill
    How I’m always in your thrall
    The ever present urge to call
    Your confessions so neat
    You’re the best
    Saying that feels like an insult
    A gross underestimation
    That just can’t quench my thirst
    But for lack of better terms
    I love you
    You’re the best
    And you’re flawless