• avianna_grace 22w

    Lust Or Love (part 8)

    I woke up the next morning to Ray's phone going off. I tried waking him up.
    "Ray, your phone is ringing."
    "It's 'ight, just let it ring."
    Is he serious right now? How can he sleep through that loud a** sh*t!?
    It rang two more times. The third time I said f**k it and just went to mute it. Of course some chicks name popped up, "Maddi". I wanted to answer it but I'm a see if he can prove himself to me and actually cut these other girls off.
    I lay back down to try to sleep a bit longer. Ray moves closer, puts his arm around me, and says, "Don't worry, I'll end it with her today."
    Did this fool just really say that? Whole time talking last night and not once did he mention a Maddi or any girl at all. Ugh I felt so gross! I wanted to go off but I let it go and eventually dozed off.
    About two hours or so later, Ray tried to wake me up with morning sex.
    I gently pushed him away and told him, "I can't Ray, you still have a girlfriend."
    "But we did it last night, what's the difference?"
    "Ummm what do you mean!? Not once did you mention a girlfriend!"
    "Lace, don't be like that."
    "What the f**k Rayquan! You asked me to give us a try and then f**ked me knowing you had a whole girlfriend! Don't you think I should be upset!?"
    "Not really. I don't give a f**k about her!"
    I tilt my head and give him the dirtiest look. "Wow Ray! That is foul!"
    "Stop acting like you don't know me man. I have girlfriends with an s."
    Man I was so p**sed! "See, exactly why we won't work!"
    "I said I was ending it!"
    "Yea, her, who knows how many others you got!"
    "Man I was f**kin' serious about what I said last night. I'm a cut all them hoes off!"
    "Ok, we'll see."
    It was silent for a few seconds. Then, his phone rang. It was Maddi. He let's it ring. I look at him, "Are you gonna answer that?"
    "Why don't you answer it?"
    "Not my girlfriend, not my problem."
    He answers it and puts it on speaker phone, "Hello?"
    "Hello!? Where the f**k you been!? You were suppose to come over last night and you've been ignoring my texts!"
    "Aye, look shorty, I can't even do this no more."
    "What the f**k you mean you can't do this no more Rayquan!?"
    "Achoo!" I sneeze.
    "Who the f**k is that Rayquan!? I knew you were with another b**ch!
    "Aye! Don't call her a b**ch!"
    Damn, that was kind of sexy. I was thinking, "Oh ok then daddy, defend me!"
    Here goes Maddi tryna come for me now, "Damn it's like that!? Am I on speaker phone? Why she aint sayin nothin'?"
    Ray decides to hang up at that point. "Well I don't know what all you want from me but I'm willing to try if you are."
    "I think we should take it slow and just hang out first, see where it goes."
    "I can deal with that."