• watdoutink 9w

    Far beyond love

    I don't believe the moon exits
    I don't believe the sun lives
    I don't believe flowers smell nice
    I don't believe in magic either
    Maybe because the only magic I see is you
    Maybe because you are more beautiful than the moon.
    And also because your radiating glow is warmer than the sun
    The angels sing but your voice melts the hardest iron caving love
    In the darkest of nights your eyes are the stars lighting up the ocean
    Your sweet smell takes my hunger away and replaces it with just you.
    Your smile floods my brain
    Your moves hinder my thoughts
    Loving you is an understatement
    You are far beyond love
    Love craves you but
    Just so you know
    I crave you more.
    M. Aruwa