• aadil_arora 5w

    Phase 1

    You were just nine
    when you saw him for the first time
    He was standing there firmly with blood on face
    Waiting for Simran, while the train moved in a slow pace
    You could feel him cry , but couldnt watch him die
    Closed your eyes, You just prayed until you heard
    JAA SIMRAN JAA , and you felt free like a bird.
    You jumped, danced and cried with those tears of joy
    Until your mom came and said " Whats wrong with this boy?
    Movie over
    Back to homework
    but you were still dreaming
    Dreaming of Shah Rukh Khan
    You were amazed too see how he stood there without fear
    How he made you cry
    with his eyes and tears
    is it his acting his charm?
    Or probably another reason
    which you ll never find
    But one thing was clear
    the dream of becoming like him
    was all in your mind
    you ran to your mom and told
    you want be an actor!
    The akward slience prevailed
    and she burst out of laughter
    you stood there confused
    Thnking shouldn't she proud?
    And alas she was there
    Laughing out loud
    You laughed with her too
    Without knowing what was the trouble
    Little did you know
    Those were the first signs of your struggle.

    - By Aadil Arora