• sinclair_philip 10w


    Death came to me at night,
    It called, urged and cajoled,
    It beckoned, argued and pleaded.

    Look around you,
    Corruption is the order of the day.
    Herdsmen Kidnapping, Looting and Killing.

    Boko Haram Bombing,
    Bandits on the loose,
    Helplessness and Hopelessness

    Animals swallowing money,
    Animal reigning and flexing
    Humans Dying of hunger.

    Is this life worth living,
    Why stay here?
    When you can finally be free with me.

    He had a point,
    But I have Mum and Melanie,
    Dad and Faviola,
    I couldn't let them cry,
    I wouldn't give up, I would press on.
    I will meet death again one day,
    But it will be on my terms.