• mr_nobody_3rd 5w

    The Flame

    Yellow leaves paved the ground,
    Faded moon was hidden
    Somewhere behind the clouds.
    Ugliness swayed him,
    Prevailed on

    Allies are nowhere to be found
    They were lead by a stone paved path
    But He himself made his path
    And the path was lead by him
    It was ugly and aggressive for others
    Only until they brave enough to be him

    A gentle breeze blew a dry leaf
    Tender green grass appeared on the ground
    A huge flock of gulls was seen,
    But even above the clouds
    He saw a solitary eagle

    Far away, a golden flame appeared
    It moved to him
    Its presents brightens the moon
    Dry yellow leaves flew away
    The flame landed on the tender green grass
    and reflected his face.