• instinctviews 23w

    Manifest Destiny

    I see myself as but a speck in history.

    A man dealing with his own misery.

    My past lost, my future a mystery.

    I walk this path with no certainty.

    Will my life be written about in history?

    Or will I just die in misery?

    Will they ever know of me

    Before my final tragedy.

    At times I ponder this great uncertainty,

    consuming me entirely. 

    Where's my cause, my calling, my destiny,

    I ask my God endlessly.

    What will come of me.

    I can't come to grips with the powers betowed in me.

    I can't get inside my inner me.

    I can't see any sighn of my destiny.

    I don't have a wealthy family

    I have no family

    I'm not a member of some honorable academy.

    I get no where monetarily.

    Down my neck is the breath of society.

    The anxiety is killing me.

    Some nights there's no sleep in me.

    I want to manifest my destiny

    And be done with it all so that I could finally

    Sleep for an eternity.