• kinky_eskimo 34w

    My stomach hurt as I lay on the ground.
    I knew I had to move before they returned.
    I pushed myself off the ground as if I was
    doing a pushup.
    It was then I noticed I had been laying
    in a pool of my own blood.
    My stomach had a piece of metal lodged
    deep within.
    I think I had been shot but I hadn't felt a
    I tried desperately to remove the foreign
    object from my body.
    The pain level was starting to rise as I
    dug my fingers around and inside the
    open wound.
    No matter how hard I tried I couldn't
    get the darn thing out.
    All of a sudden I heard men's voices
    echoing from afar.
    I had no choice but to make a run for it.
    I mustered up every ounce of strength
    in my body and took a deep breath.
    I stood up on my feet without making a
    The pain was indescribable but I knew
    it would be much worse if I was caught
    trying to escape.

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