• 0s_1s_ 9w

    "Black color - My favorite one"

    The electrons refuses to flow
    through the wire..
    A song from the mosquito
    wakes me up..
    I open my eyes
    all I could see only the darkness,
    black color - my favourite one..
    It's a new moon day
    even the lunar's light
    was controlled by darkness..
    I'm blind until the electricity comes,
    so I can hear sharply..
    The "tik-tik" sound
    from the clock tells the
    journey of the second hand to
    its destination called minute,
    proves even a minute looks
    longer if you count on it..
    The "tup-tup" droplet sound
    from the bathroom's tap,
    reveals the reason behind the
    hike on water prices..
    The "meooww" tomcat sound
    from my sister's tab
    probably shout for it's milk..
    The "korrr..korrr" snoring sound
    from my dad tells me,
    "He's still working like a machine"..
    The "lolll...loll" sound
    from a distant dog,
    barking at his owner, mistakenly
    thinks he's a thief..
    When the electron's strike over
    lights are on..
    That dog punished by it's owner and started to cry, makes me wish
    this world should sink
    into the darkness -
    black color, my favourite one..