• bunnydahlia22 5w


    If I could go back in time
    I wouldn't try to make you mine
    Just go back to the Eclipse di Luna
    That night when I was 18
    And you ,36
    I'd give anything to be that pure
    Even if I wasn't
    I was still sweet then
    Heart &soul &smiles
    There were a million stars in my eyes
    Dazzling the city
    Everything and everyone was so pretty
    You kept me safe
    Showing me everything I wanted to see
    Salsa dancing was my favorite
    And the trails and nature when all the people got to be too much
    I never got to say thank you
    For showing me the grandest time
    It's been over 10 years
    I'm closer to 36 than 18
    You tried to warn me of things
    I was so naive
    You said,"Its fast-paced,
    You can't just run off, disappear."
    Brian,I've been doing it now for 11 years