• soumyashastry 9w

    Hearts on Water

    Butterflies fluttered about a pond
    Singing just one particular song:

    "It was a misty morning,
    When I saw you shining,
    Adorned by dazzling dew drops;
    Mesmerized, my heartbeat stopped."

    Buzzing bees respond,
    Musing around lotus frond:

    "One orange hued evening,
    Butterflies encircling you were dancing.
    A glimpse of that graceful giggle!
    An arrow struck my chest's middle....

    Not many know of the story;
    The delicacies of love mystery.

    There was a charming white lotus
    Who had one single focus:
    Across the water afloat,
    An alluring water lily with bluish-violet coat.

    Though he slept during the day;
    Evenings he would wake up and spray:
    A heady mesmerising scent-
    Making learned forget their intent!

    Lotus wished to watch him bloom:
    Absorbing cool beams of moon.

    Water lily on the other hand,
    Hypnotised the bees band
    To pass his secret message
    On to his maiden beloved.

    Lotus let butterflies play,
    Only if her replies they relay.

    Though they never conversed,
    Their souls were already merged.
    There was deep understanding;
    They lived for each other's loving.