• absentpoet 10w


    He left us in November
    You held my hand,
    You propped me up,
    deflected stress,
    virtual angel,
    averting mess.
    You cared for me,
    and made me think,
    see the light,
    if just a chink.
    You told me,
    I’ve got thoughts you know,
    I’ve seen this place,
    And grief is slow.
    Don’t be naive,
    that grief ain’t hard,
    that grief ain’t pain,
    you need to guard
    against the stress,
    against the mess.
    Be kind to you,
    be nothing less.

    I hadn’t cried,
    since he died
    then something broke
    deep down inside.
    I lost my head,
    my mind went numb
    my dreams caved in,
    I did succumb
    And in my haste
    I silenced you,
    and I withdrew,
    deep in my hole,
    I had no clue.

    So now it’s not just him I grieve
    I grieve for you, I let you leave