• being_laxmi 6w

    Can we just talk
    Whole day and night
    In dark and light,
    Can we just talk
    Just you and me
    Under the stars
    And the moon,
    With lots of talks
    Let the time pause
    And let the heart play
    The tune of love,
    Can we just talk
    Beyond the world
    Where no one disturbs,
    Just you and me
    At the bank of sea
    With birds and trees
    Let the sunset freeze
    I'll be quite and you speak,
    Can we just talk
    At the mountain's peak
    Just you and me
    And the cold breeze,
    Let's define our thoughts
    And should find the treasure
    Hidden within the heart,
    Let's walk apart
    And for opening all the locks
    Can We Just Talk.