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    Today as my heart healed and its full of love once again but giving some of it to the surgeon won't be fair . I can't take away his happiness beacause of you . And your scars and happy memories are the only thing of yours that remain with me . And as i give my love and my heart to him . He in return gives me the right to take his life when he betrays me like you did and nothing would stop me from doing that . With him I get hope of happy ending back again and my dreams . He is the second best thing ever hapoened to me . You still remain the first one . I thank you for showinng that you may not get your first love always but that first love teaches you alot of things. And I thank you for teaching me how to love and what love is . I thank you for the betrayal as it has made me a better a person and gave me him .
    From -: The Heart you Betrayed
    [THE END]

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    (Part 5)