• always_foreverafter 5w

    The poem says it all....read every word of it...let it sink in...forget how you were, but this moment on, don't let anyone mess with you or your feelings. Keep your standards, self respect and boundaries high.


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    And there was a time once,
    When all my love i would pour to tons;
    Place them high in my sky,
    And then when they'd leave, I'd cry;
    My love, for them, I'd water down,
    To see them smile, I let go of my crown;

    One fine day,
    There was nothing left to say;
    I felt used and crappy,
    All of it made me unhappy;
    I realized all my I did nothing but wait,
    To receive love; for feelings to reciprocate;

    But now, I realized I was so wrong,
    That now I have decided to stand strong;
    To stop wetting the pillows on bed,
    At times, I can't think from my heart, but head;
    So that with my feelings, none can play,
    And to gain my crown and smile, I realized, I am the way!!!

    ©Sneha Saji Mathew
    Instagram: @always_foreverafter