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    **It was a regular morning of December, until the news of an innocent soul being brutally raped made the entire nation sob together.

    A heinous crime that nobody had seen or heard, shook the foundation of mankind, built on trust.

    All the fathers & mothers of daughters, kept asking themselves only one question, what if it was mine, in this situation.

    Goosebumps, even today I feel all over my flesh, whenever I think of it, my head & heart crash.
    Have you ever seen a ghost, they ask me, how they look, what do they do, they ask me.

    Now, how do I explain to them that the ghosts exist around us only, masquerading as human beings.

    Unlike the ghosts in movies & stories, they don’t exist in haunted places, but very much within our spaces.

    They wait to feed on our flesh & soul, when & how did mankind become so cruel.

    Next time when they ask of a ghostly tale, I am going to recite this story & show how as humans we have failed! **

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    A ghostly tale..