• time_echoes 36w


    An act of touching ones lips
    To another's in love, desire, or greeting

    An act we persued
    in an empty classroom
    With star guided eyes
    As we drifted on the high
    Of our ecstasy

    An act that made me believe
    That silence was a relief
    That our lips touching
    Was that something
    Deafening thought

    His lips showed me why he
    Cussed out life itself, when we
    Kissed i wanted to say fuck
    When we touched i wanted
    To cuss out the space between us
    And we did

    He grabbed at my waist
    As i traced the nape of his neck
    With my fingertips
    His cologne like earthy smoke
    Filling my lungs
    Already yearning for air

    And in that moment
    We inhaled
    Eachother's exhale
    All oxygen stolen by the other

    We waited for a moment
    Feeling the breathes of one another
    Humidify the space between us

    We then meet again
    And on our high of ecstasy
    We made an act an event