• vikashkunal 5w

    This is what I wrote to her, when we were fighting with expectations to save our relation, eventually our relation died 😐 fighting expectations.

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    Expectations or Relations

    It’s not always about give and take, Indeed it’s about real and fake.I have always been what I am instead of hiding my mistakes.
    Like others I too had expectation, and wanted things to go my way, Later on realized, no point in cribbing if it has to be, it will happen one day.
    Still these expectations creep in my mind, I often said them, dude it’s not the place you are supposed to stay.
    I understand it’s human behavior to have certain expectations
    But do we really want to make this as parameter for measuring our relations Or the relations should be based on vibes and equations. I remember getting mused while talking to you, looking in your eyes when you were near, holding your hand and saying, I really don’t know the meaning of fear.
    As usual expectation crept in, and did all the damages and brought coldness in air. I cried and felt the pain, but couldn’t stop thinking about you, coz I still care.
    Couldn’t figure out what and why this entire thing happened, my dear
    There was time when we stopped talking to each other; each day was like a year
    So I can conclude below saying is very much apt and fair “Expectation is the root of all heartache”, was rightly said by William Shakespeare.

    Vikash Kunal