• ciara1 9w

    Tell The Truth but tell it With Wisdom

    Tell all the the truth but tell it with wisdom-
    God's wisdom of truth-
    The Success in lies will not get you nowhere in life-
    The truth will make you bright for our informed delight-
    The truth becomes superb in surpise-

    The truth will set us all freely-
    Tell the whole truth to the Lord-
    don't hold no lies in the deep hole-
    God will understand our sufferings, pains, headaches, anger, and our sorrows-

    We all beings ponder on the fact we should inform our sisters, our brothers, our parents, our grandparents, and even our friends
    our secrets and truths-
    but unlikely the truths we tell to our family and friends won't get us anywhere-

    Telling all of our secrets and truths to the Lord will get us all somewhere-
    Inform the Lord our truths-

    Take our secrets, sufferings, pains, headaches, anger, and our sorrows
    to the Lord-
    He will inform and assist us with his explanation and wisdom, best believe that-