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    ( Are beta is a hindi phrase. It translates to something like oh son, in a very 'forgive and forget it, won't you?' manner.)

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    The Ignoble One

    Sierra got up late that warm morning of April 7th. She realised she was late and a wave of fury overwhelmed her.
    'Mom! I told you to wake me up at 6!' she screamed.
    'Are beta. I'm sorry.' her mom replied from the kitchen. She had woken up at 3, in order to make Sierra's favourite breakfast.
    She was just bringing her a cup of the cardomom tea Sierra loved, when she got out of bed.
    'No! You always do this, and complain that I come late and that I never help you!' she raged animatedly. Her arm hit the cup and flung it onto the ground.
    The cup shattered. Tea spilt.
    Another stain.
    Her mom went to her bedroom and shut herself in, sobbing.
    'Ignoble', they thought about each other, weeping.
    But little did they know that the other wept only because they thought that about themselves.