• the_littlegirl_learns 5w

    I look at those old pictures which are the only things left for me,
    Your soft smile and the beaming haze over my face is all that I see.
    Flashbacks tell us so many things indeed,
    Tides of golden vows and promises do seem bleak, for I know now
    Waves stay for a short span of time after which they do retreat.
    I clutch your handwritten letters closer to my chest
    Regretting that summer night of all the words exchanged and the one's left unsaid.
    They say love never hurts but what do you do when it does?
    Do you flip it's course and change your views or do you lay your heart on the platter?
    Don't you go running behind a facade my dear,
    Love is poignant and sweet and it shall never cause you any wear and tear.
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