• dawnhart 5w

    We live in a society where rape or any kind of sexual abuse isn't considered a real problem. And if a girl gets raped, people have the AUDACITY to ask what the girl was wearing....wow society, if a girl covers her entire body...she'd still end up getting raped... the worst part is our society is the one to blame a girl for what happened to her....wow.... So THANK YOU YOU FUCKING SOCIETY FOR MAKING US FEEL UNSAFE EVERYWHERE , THANK YOU FOR MAKING US FEEL LIKE IT'S OUR FAULT, THANK YOU FOR TEACHING US TO BEHAVE AND LET BOYS DO WHATEVER THEY WANT CAUSE APPARENTLY " BOYS WILL BE BOYS"....... I swear being a girl is total hell...EACH AND EVERYDAY AND STOP NORMALIZING SEXUAL TRAUMA

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    Next time....before staring at any body part of a girl...think how would u feel if someone did the same to your daughter