• santor_674 4w

    When I walk upon to you my eyes drowning with those fantasies craved out gestures to vanish in your dreamy eyes of yours rendering me to reside in your immortal soul!

    I felt the warmth of your comfy hands helding me with you to embrace over the sky of existence beyond eternity - I have no fear to get on with the trust on you wrapping over me!

    Those accidental stumblings over each other ; falling on you to held me stronger and closer and that moment when our eyes tend to entice each other and those fancy movie scenes getting over me; yet comes the reality to ruin those special moments!

    Your tender words with the soothing tone of yours foster me to the summits of life for which am destined to walk beside you until the eternity comes to halt us!

    Oh dear! I wish I could pursue to crave out whole of my compassion and devotion and bound to show it upto you - but I stay forlorn awaiting for those above words to blend as true and all my night dreams ever come up as reality!

    An awaiting soul to get her dreams true!��❤️��

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    A poem on love !


    I did grasp while my love for you would exist until the autumn leaves withers off; until the river water tends to drifts out to flow; until the feathers of the sparrow flutters and yes - until the "aura" of love bounds to reside over this universe!