• anzzy123 22w

    I AM ME...

    I AM ME…

    I am me…
    The only me the world will ever have
    No more no less.

    I have loved
    I will love again
    I have lived
    I’m living still.

    I cry and sometimes wish I could die
    I laugh like there’s no tomorrow
    Some days I’m funny
    Other days not so much
    Sometimes I’m in overdrive and can’t stop.

    I am loyal
    And stick like a tick to my friends
    I am a hopeless romantic
    Sassy and bold in my own way
    I’m quite a handful
    Or so I’ve been told.

    By virtue of being a listener
    I talk less
    Keep to myself
    Secretive in a certain way
    Talk better when I write
    Enjoy spending time with myself
    And I’ve been called a weirdo for being me.

    I have many facets
    Like a diamond you see
    I am strong willed
    And stubborn
    I never say never
    I believe in my dreams
    I believe there is absolutely nothing I cannot be or do
    And I always take the moral high road and try to see the good in others.

    In the midst of all that cuteness
    I’ve been told I’m sporadically rude
    I’m not a perfect person you see
    I come with a lot of flaws
    Most times I get scared and put up high walls
    I’m not as forgiving as I would like to think
    Because when I hurt
    I brood and hurt deeply
    And don’t know when to let go.

    I have a problem with having fun
    I’m stiff and rigid
    I can be as annoying as it gets
    Or so I’ve been told
    I would rather watch a million football games
    And Loud House on Nickelodeon
    Than those Fashion and Telemundo channels
    Yea I know right?
    Not to mention I have the tendency to over-react
    With an over-dramatic imagination
    Tsss… even I agree I’m a weirdo.

    I am me you see
    I’m not trying to be like you
    I love me for me
    I am not wealthy but guess what?
    I never lack
    I am not that smart but guess what?
    This weirdo makes her own decisions
    Pay her bills
    My logic is my own
    Even though it’s often misunderstood
    All I want is to be a better me.

    I may not be as fancy as you
    But hey!
    It makes no difference to my life
    And there’s a reason why God didn’t make me like you
    Hate me?
    Love me?
    I am me
    The original me
    The irreplaceable me
    Down to earth
    But just me.

    I am Joy Anzzy Isa
    A journalist
    A writer
    A poet
    A content creator
    An entrepreneur
    A Teacher
    A photographer
    A daughter
    A sister
    An aunt
    A lover of Jesus
    I am a human being with all my flaws and with all my goodness
    I am unapologetically me.
    ©Joy Anzzy Isa

    This piece is dedicated to people like me.
    People who thrive every single day to remain true to themselves even though society thinks they are never good enough.
    People who dare to dream and hold on to it in spite of what society thinks.
    People who believe there is still good in the world.
    Did anyone call you a weirdo lately? Guess what, me too.
    So to every single one of us out there, cheers to being weird.