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    As I flipped through the pages of my diary, nostalgia peeked into my mind and made me realise how dumb I was to hate the one I cherish the most now.

    Seated at the back seat with no one to talk to, that was my first day at school. No friends, no supportive teacher's, all alone. But who knew that was the place where I was to find my true friend, the chubby girl who never leaves any second to pester me. She and I were like pencil and eraser, always found together. We were always talking about nothing at all. We were like stupid rats who roamed around without caring about those cold looks at others faces. We were what the world calls 'best friends'.

    But alas, god had other plans for us and we departed with only our memories to remember and a phone that would tremendously grow our desires to see each other. We went on and on at the the chatbox and soon realised how hollow it seemed. She was there, I was here, in the same city yet miles apart.

    Months passed and finally came the day we decided to meet. It was my birthday. As she stepped out of the car, I hugged her soo tight, she probably would have lost a pound. We were so happy, tears hid somewhere to watch our smiles. We talked and laughed like it was just another day. She ate too much, as usual. We exchanged gifts which were insignificant compared to our joyful souls. But the day had to end and reality being harsh, had to hit our heads and set us apart. We cried, like a child cries on the first day of school.

    Now I look back at those cards, that keychain on which that teddy hanged, that teddy that looked just like her, I get nostalgic again, but tears still hide somewhere. Because even if we are miles apart, our hearts are just next to each other. Somehow I know when she is happy, or when she is sad. Those are the moments we actually talk nowadays. Its alright because our hearts are connected. Neither she nor I care about how much we meet now. Because we have our future ahead. Our souls silently walk next to each other and support each other.

    We were there. We are always there.


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    ........we were so happy, tears hid somewhere to watch our smiles......