• kamen1 9w


    Imaginary music blares in the background
    I need to focus on the battle
    My opponent is readying to strike me without remorse

    The music's bass is shaking my core
    I am motivated beyond the means of fighting another battle
    With my opponent moving swiftly to strike
    I whip my sword from my hip to counter his attack

    Metal swords ching across the massive arena
    A crowd of the rich and fortunate scream out in bloodlust
    All I can do is smile at my opponent for giving me an opening
    Before he has time to think I cut him down in an honorable death

    The music is now blaring its victory tune in the back of my head
    While the crowd screams in admiration
    I walk with my chest out and head high
    Prostrating myself as an unbeatable gladiator
    Awaiting my next battle