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    Let's change !!

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    I don't understand what's wrong with people.

    If I talk too much, too loud, if I be too friendly, They will say you are crazy, control your self, stop embarrassing.

    If I don't talk much, be low key, be quite, They will say you are being conservative, you have no fun in life.

    The thing is people will keep saying, they will keep there point in front of you against yours, it's ok. But you have to be strong, you already know what you have what you don't. Which people care for you and who don't. You know what's right and what's wrong. You know your limits, you know your weakness but they don't. And they don't understand that. And I figured it out that, I need someone in my life who can force me to do stuff. Lol!! Yes, someone who can give me crazy ideas and make me do everything which I have never done. Hmmm!! Finding someone with such personality will be hard but I will make my self like that ...now this is my goal.