• the_indian_akhil 5w

    Daughter: Daddy I can't sleep, mom keeps kicking the basement door!

    Father: hush now sweetheart, mom is just trying to fix the door, you just lie down and sleep!

    *Phone rings*

    Voicemail sound;

    "Hey sweet pea, I am coming back early. I booked an early flight to surprise you dad, your job is to make sure he doesn't go.."

    Stranger: Hello? Hello!!!

    Mother: Yeah who is this ?

    Stranger: I live just around the corner of your street...we heard a gunshot sound..we we....we came rushing and found a dead body of person on the porch

    Mother: oh my God!! Did..did you call the police?!! My daughter..My daughter is Inside!!

    Stranger: Yes we heard her voice it was coming from basement..we are trying to kick in but it's locked...

    Mother: James! My husband is he there....oh God!!the man lying on the porch..does...does he have only one hand?!

    Stranger: Jenna!! Check if the man has one or both hands ?

    *Basement Scene*

    Daughter: papa why does my hand pains?....

    Father: shhh! It's just temporary baby doll..here eat this...

    *Clocks Gun*

    Stranger: Yeahh! Yeahh he's got only one arm!

    Mother: ohhh james!!!