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    From here, the story has no more relation with my life. The story that follows is completely a fiction. Hope you like it...
    For a moment, I felt as if I have reached a world of fantasy, a fairyland. My heart swelled in my bosom. Without a second thought, I replied, “Me too, Ananya!”

    She was shy and ran away. I kept staring towards her for quite a few minutes. Then I headed towards home. It was a happy day indeed.

    --------------------- END OF PROLOGUE --------------------
    CHAPTER - 1

    The moon bathed the earth with its enchanted unearthly heavenly rays. The stars shined and the firmament looked more beautiful than ever, because Ananya was with me, we both lying down together in the meadows gazing towards the enchanted and mesmerizing night sky. We both caught our hands together, and enjoyed the amazing beauty pf the nature.

    Ananya said, “Love, the night sky is beautiful.”

    “But you are more beautiful. You are just a galaxy with millions of effluent stars making their abode in you. You are the symbol of the enchanted beauty.”

    “Oh love! That was too much!”

    We both laughed. The dimple in her soft cheeks and the sound of her heavenly laughter made me feel the presence of a heaven’s harmony. Even the tiny pimple on her forehead looked beautiful. The zephyr made her hairs to flutter like the green leaves of a majestic tree. Oh! She was indeed the true definition of beautiful.

    “Love it’s already 9’o’clock in the night. I think we should return.”

    “Yes love, you’re correct.”

    We stood up. Suddenly, she leaned forward, towards me. Her face was too close, too close, and then…

    My first kiss! We laughed a little and turned ourselves towards our destination.

    Everything was happy indeed before the following incident happened…

    -to be continued…
    - Somsubhra Chakraborty

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    //"You are the symbol of the enchanted beauty"//