• stevenlee 5w


    Before, I met you, you lived, you loved, in a world, that was wrapped, around you, as you were, at the beginning, at the core, at the center, of the script, so with, a blank notebook, you began to write, the plot, in how, things would be, with the characters, that came along and the twists and turns, with the flow of, your own biography, just in how, the tempo, might continue and how, it would climax and how, you would be, in your breath, of lines spoken, that have echoed, over the years, from laughter and the tears and what triumphs, or scars, that you endured and journeyed, along with, life and love.

    So now, daily, what I want, what I need, what I desire, what I love, is to memorize, every story, of your body, which I, will trace, with my eyes, my hands, my lips, into the magnificent depths, of which draws me, to you, like no other, as together, our story, or memoirs, will be, what fairytales, are made of, for others, to read, of our life and love.