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    As i came to sleep,
    i was surprised
    by some unexpected visitors.
    The tiny little raindrops.
    Knocking repeatedly
    on my window
    in rhythms
    as if asking to come in
    to drench me
    in the long forgotten kind of wet
    rinsing away
    all these scars of years.

    As i slid open the window,
    i was met by
    the gusty winds.
    Bringing together with them,
    the petrichor
    as gift
    knot tightly with the blowing air
    and slowly sweeping
    through my existence.

    The sky thundered
    with the loud boom
    as if
    asking me out
    for this heavenly capture
    with her lightening camera.

    The leaves on the trees
    rattled in unison
    as the soothing lullaby
    pushing me in deep sleep.

    So i close my eyes,
    as i know
    this night won't be

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