• rogueshot 29w


    Laboured breathing,
    Strained and worn limbs,
    He lay there waiting.

    Two brothers and a mother,
    Stood beside, sorrowed and deranged.
    Sobs filling the loud silence,
    With all farewells exchanged,
    But one.
    And the sun was soon setting,
    But no,
    He lay there waiting.

    Finally, rushing steps on the wooden floor,
    Father had arrived at the door.
    Panting and huffing, their eyes met.
    And as frail as he was,
    He stretched out his head for one last pat.
    Hand touched the muzzle,
    Muzzle touched the ground.
    Sobs filling the loud silence,
    The deafening scream, all around.

    For two hours,
    My dog fought Death.
    He knew Father was returning,
    And so,
    He lay there waiting.