• muskan___ 10w

    Empty bodies wander in corners to seek refuge
    from a slippery floor,
    Unfamiliar, familiar eyes cross their paths as if they
    committed a heinous crime.
    Polluted minds disgorge lies on the faces to paint a
    distorted and a colourful image.
    The region, religion eternally shifts but their congruity doesn't come to an end.

    Banners of truth on electric wires show
    what it takes to be alive in this world.
    Reality, cruelty rolls up and down, smudges the printed and voiceless words.
    Political termites crawl under thin skin to build huge
    structures in their names,
    But what these mighty sacred walls will give
    after millions of deaths?

    Questions have always been there but somewhere
    deep in the wells of uncertainty,
    What goes in never comes back, as if it never was a part of reality.
    Emptiness is a part of life but today lives are
    breathing in emptiness,
    Who knows what they are fed, perhaps a lie which gives them hope of certainty.

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    Empty bodies