• kandiie 5w

    Unfair part of the Universe

    Humans have too many emotions like love hatred, Happiness, sad, angry, insecurity and many more, which are all absolutely normal, every other human has these emotions lined up perfectly.

    But There are few set of people who take these emotions to another level where they tend to hurt/kill other Humans for Existence, Money, Power, identity and what not.

    Humanity is what's missing in them.

    Such kind of people are present everywhere , right among family, friends, at work and every where else.
    They can go to any extent.

    And there are other set of people who do no physical harm but they do harm/Bully them with words that directly hits the mental state of a person. Raising unneccessary conflicts and differences about - Region, Religion, Cast, Race and what the hell not.

    Why do such People always bother about others life more than their own.

    They just can't stand if someone's getting better in one's lives.

    Why is it so difficult to feel good for those who are doing good with their life?
    Or to the least why is it so difficult for them to mind their own business?!

    It is so hard to deal with such hate knowing the fact that we are all Humans afterall.
    Unity could be the greatest power of all.

    We are all Humans, why fight among ourselves?!
    Please Spread Compassion
    But Please, Please Do Not Cause Harm !