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    The Vows a girl wants to hear.
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    "Hey Jane. Today we are getting engaged and these are my vows, vows of a normal guy to a fairy princess :

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    Perfect Vows

    You wont have a kingdom,
    But you will rule my heart.
    I cannot get you the moon & stars,
    But I will submit myself to you.
    I cannot fight like batman,
    But I surely will fight for you.
    I cannot change your destiny,
    But I will keep you happy no matter what.
    I cannot stop you from crying,
    But I will never be the reason for your tears.
    I cannot buy you a vacation in Hawaii,
    But I will give you a breakfast in bed every morning.
    I cannot get you a limo,
    But hey we will have a car enough for me,you and our kids.
    I cannot buy you dinner at a 5 star hotel,
    But I will cook dinner for you every weekend.
    I cannot buy you things,
    But I will love you.