• aamukkhi 6w

    In the month of April showers,
    A bride stood before the altar
    In a milky white gown,
    occasionally peeping through the veil,
    The unknown person beside.
    Its her chosen handsome groom,
    Well mannered with fame and fortune.

    Crowd awaited eagerly with tears and prayers
    The priest to recite the wedding vows
    And declare them man and woman.
    She was the one who stood bleak
    Hesistantly saying I do,
    When he slipped a wedding ring.

    As she walked to the door,
    Hand in hand with her newly wed man.
    Still perplexed with thoughts.
    Her bonquet flew through the air,
    With lot of lucks for a new maid,
    But which charm would save her?

    Below the stairs of the church,
    Beside the furnished wedding car
    He stood with a boquet of babys breath,
    As usually the everytime he came to meet..
    But now the air is so changed.

    As she walked past the cheers,
    Memories haunted her with deep stabs
    Their story began here and
    Seems to end here.
    Those promise of togetherness at the altar
    Lurked as a sin forever to repent.

    With a smile but loads of pain
    He gave her those flowers
    For one last time.
    Its my share of luck for your new life
    Congrats over your best decision.
    He opened the door,
    To a new journey without him.

    As the wheels moved,
    Distances between them pronounced
    She could see him fading
    From the the mirror.
    She wished to break all this
    And run towards him
    Yet coldness of a metal in her finger
    Made her realize its too late.

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    #love #lost #hope #moments

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