• debapriya_das 9w

    This is a lengthy poem,or you can say a mere paragraph describing the evil past of child marriage in our country!Hope you'll enjoy reading it!��

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    Child Marriage

    The girl was sitting;
    Silently with her hands laid upon her lap..
    Just thinking with her most anxious mind,
    "When would these people leave my home?"
    Probably the nine year old didn't know;
    She will have to lead her whole life with an obvious anguish;
    That she's gonna live with the critic crowd sitting jus' before her eyes, for her entire life...
    The girl who was playing with her doll pretty well till last day;
    Just after a few days..she'll start living the life of her own doll..did she know that??
    Her father is drowned in debt..
    May be he got no better alternative other than taking financial help from her daughter's in-laws!
    And may be due to this,the girl's father took his daughter's most salient decision in such a silly way...
    But..why so?? This is not at all a silly way..all that is being done to that lil female heart is very normal!...
    Actually it's the society that decides the future of a woman...but never her nurturers who brought her to this world...!!