• _kaneki64 10w

    Who am I to go against the flow of nature?
    I have been told that I have an identity that is unique.
    I have been told that I am a person of my own will.
    But as time goes through me,
    And I go through time,
    It's becoming more evident that I'm merely a medium,
    And life is living itself through me.
    And several similar lives doing the same,
    In each and every one of us.
    It is not God, but what has always been,
    That wants to prevail,
    And it is my calling to see that it does.
    For when I try to guide myself,
    I find myself at the crossroads of
    What I am,
    And what I think I am.
    Deeply exhausted,
    Lost and vulnerable.
    And so I walk the path that I am led on,
    I indulge in whatever swallows me,
    I desire what is desired from me,
    And I live so as to be lived.
    I am not a unique individual.
    I am but one of the many lives,
    Just on the verge of waking up,
    From a life that is,
    Into a life that shall be.