• deoynce 6w

    Another Gift

    The life I once knew has been put in a box storing to a daily it needed no lock
    A collection of memories fond only to me no thoughts of the future or of life misery time moving is past it’s fast I asked the question how long will it last I make a suggestion another chance now that youth has departed is it ever too late to finish what never even got started the mirror seems cruel and doesn’t fit the mind within this body spent knowing more today than yesteryear though noone answers or calls me dear
    All love ones have moved on to Greater pursuit I’m left with myself with a box full of memories and have taken root to this life alone it seems no way out I’m destined to be too much for the box I started a trunk to rid myself of yesterday‘s junk I would have to live on for today couldn’t put myself so neatly away it’s so much better freeing as such my lifelong companion is with me Dwelling right there within loving it all the while well that of itself merits a smile