• mituu_writes 5w

    **You Will Die Many Times But You Have To Still Feel Alive**

    Whenever something or someone is lost , the loss makes us so upset , Instead of cherishing the good memories we have with that lost thing or person , we spend our whole life in regret !

    We say life is so unfair , but the happiness life gave us , we always forget , there are many things we have in our life , but we have always counted the things that we have never get !

    There was a time when we all have our innocence and we all wanted to enjoy our lives to the fullest !
    But now we get disappointed and cheated by so many people that we mature people want our lives to get reset !

    We don't enjoy watching sunrise that much , like we enjoy watching sunset , We don't find inspiration in the love story of grandma and grandpa , we always talk about the love story of Romeo and Juliet !

    We all have to understand , we all are here to enjoy to live , but not just to survive , everything is so beautiful and everything about life is so nice and life can be unfair but it is full of paradise !
    ln your endless journey you will earn many things , and many things you will have to sacrifice , you will die many times but you still have to feel alive !!