• rohan_samanta_roy98 9w


    Well , we say it , the 4th pillar of democracy
    What it has turned out is a world full of hipocrisy
    Information providing is not the case
    Making big stories is their prime policy

    News , I mean genuinely news , do you ever find?
    What you time & again see is big stories
    Breaking news has lost its real essence
    What replaces them is their creepy theories

    A Celebrity drinking tea in his residence
    Or the no.of children with less mid upper arm circumference
    Which is the news that the "nation wants to know"
    Kindly , I beg you to take into your considerance

    You have a pivotal role in shaping the nation
    Not by reporting unnecessary fights over Rahim & Ram
    Report such , that the govt and our youth work towards progress
    And we see decrease in cases of Severe Acute Malnutrition,i.e.,SAM