• unicat3000 9w


    She rode across hearing the cruch of leaves and other forien materials that she wasn't used to.Rocks spurt out and hit her sides, making silent pings across the isolated trail.The old rubber bike tires squiking as she went across the trail,forgotten over time.She cried,the cold tears wetting the birthday gift that she had waited months for.The corset long gone for fear of the fainting disease her mother had warned of.Lilith didn't want to be caught, so she had left the beloved item.

    She was scared as she heard the creaking of her grandmother's old bike.
    Her adrieline rose from the fear of getting caught.The fear her mother had awoke and phoned the police.The path she had took was isolated and well hidden from view.She had only ventured off once and had took the same way.Her parents didnt know but she had gotten back in time,so she was somewhat used to the path, that to her was hidden from society.

    A sound came from the basket behind her.It had startled her but hadn't caused a crash,thankfully.She stopped to check on the kitten, it still mewing from the moving sround.Since it was to bumpy for her to eat while moving, she rode on and soon she was far from where she expored.To her it felt like she was in a book trying to pick a future then just a road that lead somewhere.In hope of staying hidden she drove deeper into the forest.

    Soon she stopped a set that seemed to only be in books and movies.Lilith came to a stop and hide the bike under twigs,bushes, and brush.She had only stopped because of the kitten and there was a small pond that seemed more clean than faucet water.It glimmered in the darkness the moon eliminated the bluish fairytale water.Lilith feed and watered the weak cat.

    She sipped some herself cooling her parched dry throut.The sweet relief spilling down her throut as the cat went to nuzzle under the laced and bowed skirt.

    Soon she layed down,too tired not to sleep as the cat nuzzled deeper in her clothes.Spoterz scared but warm under the many layers of fluff.As she difted off the sleep the reacuring nightmare came to haunt her mind.