• friarjay 30w

    Judas’ betrayal and exit provides us with an example of true friendship, one that is constant and humble; the person of Matthias. Although he had been with Jesus from the beginning as the Apostles confirmed, he didn’t leave Jesus’ company or the early Church on grounds of position or title as most of us would. He remained with the Christian community until he was honoured for his fidelity and constancy. You are the kind of person you make yourself. If you allow yourself to be changed by the selfishness and greed of others, you are no different from them. But if you conquer their selfishness and greed by your generosity with your time and resources, you are truly a model of friendship. A true friend is always aware that to love means you are vulnerable. He or she is more interested in making others comfortable than keeping them in their debt. If a person is loyal because they are indebted to you, they will certainly seek freedom and then you’ll find yourself all alone. Let your friendship proceed from a sincere and generous heart, willing to go the extra mile for others. Because it is on the extra mile that we find joy, peace and true love.