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    A call to myself .

    Hey ...
    Its you from 2020
    Yes ! The world didn't end in 2012 .

    How are you ?
    Things are changing ,
    Perhaps everything
    But believe me things are changing for something great in your life .

    Let me remember you
    This is the last time you're boarding that train so grab your bicycle and steer it to those lanes where you love to wander and ponder
    Because this city is too crowded to seek a forlorn place .

    Touch every wall of your house ....
    Yess , you are not going back there
    Never in forever .
    Bid adeiu to your dear ones
    and I assure you the one you love the most will come seeking after you,
    again and again .

    Spoiler Alert
    The new school won't have a big ground like the old one had .... actually it doesn't have a ground .
    Don't wince ...
    Coz people won't consider you disdain anymore .They will adore you , love you and flatter you .... but don't go with words .
    Don't trust too quickly
    Don't love too quickly .
    There will be peoples too who are waiting to hate you , hurt you and backstabb you .. But when ever you encounter them , you come out stronger .
    It will be the only place where you'll meet a few people who will adhere to you till your scalp starts growing grey hairs . I bet you'll never remorse at your parents decision choosing a tiny school for you .

    Have you heard the word DEPRESSION ?
    Not yet !
    No.... its nothing .
    Ahhh.....okay....its a PHASE
    A phase you have to face
    And its going to last a bit longer than you can imagine .
    But one day it will end .
    And you will come out stronger again .
    You're a strong girl , Darling .

    But you won't ever regret that it happened .
    Coz , it will help you to unveil something that was hidden inside you for all these years .
    Something that will change you completely .

    Time is running short ...
    Okay , the last thing
    Mark my words
    There is something inside you
    When your mind and heart put themselves together in anything they concoct immense power that can lighten the world .
    Your world ..
    Maybe you won't be able to do this now or the coming few years ...but the moment you're robust enough to muster your mind and heart together......
    Never Ever stop .
    You're incredible.

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    A call to myself .

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