• kin_jo 6w


    All my life I've looked at words as though squeezed out little inkdrops of my chafing heart. Letter by letter, unveiling my fragmented thoughts, clawed and united to form words. They are my voice to my impulsive mind. Capturing my feelings and intensity all in a line.The interplay of words and rhythm , of verses and poesy gives life to my ethereal imagination.

    Even on my loneliest day, the little words scrawls all over the dull paper accompanying me with sheer grace Like moonlight splattered over my barren floor, Illuminating me with iridescent light.

    On days I'm broken, they shine on my broken melody like beheaded tulips glistens under rain.

    The squeezed out inkdrops looks perfect like a sage even when they are spewed out with tongue of flames , like burning tongs. They escape my mind like soap bubbles fluttering with the wind, giving a face to my unreal dreams.

    Words are My armies, My heroes, My front line soldiers, My tiny pawns strongly ranged to guard my Kingdom of darkness.

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