• ulltravviollet 6w

    I. R. Blake-Miller

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    Do you Know?

    Are you in the know
    Of how my soul feels
    Of how my body aches
    For your acceptance

    For your love
    For the sake of god
    And the universe
    And the star dust in our bones
    Do you know what this is?

    Because if you knew
    And you remained dormant
    You must be a figment
    An altered state
    Of who I thought I loved so dearly

    My love
    If I may call you my love
    Why do you not say a word
    You must know
    Do you know?

    I would remain silent
    And become crazed
    For our friendship

    A crazed person I must become
    To believe
    That you know

    Because my love
    If you knew
    Why do you allow
    My soul to feel
    My body to ache

    It’s in my mind
    You’re my creation
    You are there
    But I’ve become crazed
    And this is the altered state